Hello, it’s been a year!

I’m finally at the last year of my undergrad study. Sooo it is finally the time for me to do my undergraduate research. Long story short, I entered Disaster Risk Management Lab that I have been wanting to enter since last semester’s lab visit. I have been here for four months already and i quite like it except the fact that it took around an hour and half to go to my lab from my house, since most of engineering labs in Kyoto University located at either Katsura or Uji (which are way too far from the main campus).


Anyway, on the past four months I– well basically my supervisor has decided the research theme that I will do for the second half of this year and I also help my supervisor project at Indonesia with asean which requires some translations and writings. Basically, I did not have much trouble with the first one (sometimes use google translate though, lol) but I really am having trouble with the second one which is none other than… writing. I actually should highlight that it means a scientific writing but, honestly, i know im just sucks at writing, as I mentioned the reason why I wanted to kickstart this blog for the first time.


I just realized that it has been more than a year I write to either myself or to people who actually read my blog, except I also write instagram captions, hehe. Being in engineering school with those calculations and formula is not an excuse not to write, i guess? I also feel quite “empty” since I consume (internet) content too much on daily basis without being able to express one.


It seems harder to express my ideas into coherent writings more than, for example, presentations or general discussion since presentation or discussion is done by directly interacting. In case of presentation on lab seminars, my professors and lab members could give me direct feedback, I can explain directly parts that they don’t understand from my idea. The difficulties I found during the research project that I’m doing with my professor (the project with asean one) makes me quite afraid to imagine what it is like in the autumn semester to finish my own thesis. So I guess, it is just right to practice writing again in this blog.

so.. yeah… Hello (again)!


March (&February) Highlights

I finally cheated! It has been a very busy vacation. I got to do a lot of work on holidays so let’s get into it.

on music

Rather than just the top 50 playlist I had on spotify that I currently listen to, I would like to share some gems I found on the internet.

021 – Emir Hermono ft A. Nayaka & Rayi Putra

Skyline – FKJ (!!!stranger things inspired mv!!!)

예뻤어 – DAY6

on movies



on life

At the beginning of February I had been working for the first edition of Interaksi, Magazine from Indonesian Students Association in Japan (PPI). I shouldnt brag about this because I personally think many things are lacking, hehe. However I still feel delightful to finally work on something (I can say) I am quite passionate about, creating a zine. If you know me for some time, you might know I have been always doing things related to media and stuffs but never really work on magazine after I graduated high school. It used to be fun in high school. One of the things I remembered the most.

I also went here and there. Few times to Tokyo, and a ski trip to nagano. However the highlight must be my second visit to Seoul. I just got back from Seoul two days ago.

There’s always something about this city that makes me excited.

It’s fascinating to finally test how far my Korean ability goes, and I’m surprised. I actually can have a conversation with the taxi driver or a shopkeeper. I mean the long ones, hehe. It’s fascinating for me because I can’t even do it in Japanase. They kept asking me where and how did I learn korean and I can only answer “I watched drama a lot, sometimes without subtitles”. So, moral of the story: you have to be interested enough to its culture in order to learn the language.

March (&February) Highlights

January Highlights

Since I was actually had no big holiday plan for February, I first thought my days will be spent by watching movies, napping, reviewing cafes, and blogging. Turned out this is the month in which I spent most energy at, so that I am in a rush for making my promised post; The Monthly Highlights. So here it is, my January Highlights

on movies

La La Land

“This is movie for dreamers,” was what Emma said at her winning speech on Golden Globe. Despite labeled by many as overhyped movie, I really think you should go watch them. Fr me, this movie made it into list of my favorite movies of all time. Maybe it was overhype because Damien Chazelle successfully brought back musicals into movies or maybe because City of Stars, its soundtrack, will stuck into your head for a while.

on music

How Do You Think – CHEEZE

Another song that is analogous with an old jeans, you can never go wrong with them. This piece from CHEEZE is perfect for your lazy weekends, commuting time, or even at times you want to hear sad song. For me, this song depicts what relationship is; you’re wondering what your partner up to, or questioning how will this end. Lastly, I think it’s quite odd or funny or I am not sure what is this really about, but as far as I know 어떻게 생각해 is used when you want to ask “What do you think” instead of How do you think.

on life

A lot happened at January, I surely said this every month. On new year’s eve, I spent it with my Indonesian friends (and at this rate I count as family, I guess) and the day after I went to Tanya’s house to celebrate new year in Chinese way; we made dumplings and I watched Chinese New Year Show that is aired every year in China and we watched movies and drama until late night. In January I actually spent most of the time studying for finals and actually went through my finals, thankfully, successfully. By now I received all the score results, I am not sure whether I really did good or it was just most of my professors finally realized the level of difficulties they gave at exams, or in short it was just them being kind. Because I seriously think I didn’t do my best at this exam period. This time was the System Analysis exam where I went to toilet in the middle of exam for maybe 15 minutes? because I had an extreme stomachache and therefore couldn’t finish my Knapsack programming problem. Another time is when I forgot to bring calculator minutes before Advanced Calculus exam.

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January Highlights

2016 : Things I did, Places I went to.

I officially finished my semester after enduring a two-week of final exam roller-coaster ride, which marked another step of my academic journey. Sometimes I feel sad and anxious and insecure about it because many of my friends are going to finish college this year, but most of the time I’m not. Moving to Japan was the hardest, but then again I think the best decision that I made, or God has just turned it that way. What I’d really like to point out is my life in here has been full of surprises and experience that I never thought of before. I think I will have a whole note about studying abroad in a different post. Here I’m just going to list all memorable places and things I did during 2016.

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2016 : Things I did, Places I went to.

December Highlights

Because it’s January and I promised myself to write this every single month so here it is my December’s highlights

on music

Starboy – The Weeknd

I surprised myself for liking the whole album cause I’m not The Weeknd’s fan, which means I didn’t listen to his songs. I didn’t even like the hit single Starboy at first but I kept humming his “I said look what you’ve done.. and imma imma starboy” which is totally addicting. After I watched the promo video of Starboy album titled M A N I A, I love Sidewalks (which !!!fyi featured Kendrick Lamar!!!) at the very first try. I started listen to this album and couldn’t stop that it’s so hard to choose my favorite track. Like it fits to my different moods and I could just play any song without skipping. If i really need to choose then I’ll pick True Colors, Sidewalks, and Die For You.

On the other note, I also listened to 24K Magic a lot during December (especially “That’s What I Like”, I guess).

on series



On describing what Skam is about : Many people says Skam is a Norwegian version of Skins, with less drama. SKAM hits Norwegian teenagers by storm since most Norwegian teenagers thought SKAM portrays the real situation on what happened at their schools (maybe it’s because the creator did the research across the country for two years, to find out real issues among Norwegian teenagers). SKAM dealt with relevant issues for adolescent these days; feminism, homophobia, islamophobia, but most of all we see how the characters dealt with their own ups-and-downs while growing up.

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Tahun Baru dan Tumbuh Dewasa

Halo Januari!

Saya awalnya mau coba meluangkan waktu sedikit untuk nulis sesuatu di awal 2017 ini, hal-hal yang (mungkin) basi untuk beberapa orang; kilas balik 2016 dan yang mau dicapai di 2017. Anyway, alhasil tulisannya lagi-lagi nongkrong aja di draft saya. Akihrnya saya justru kembali baca salah satu tulisan saya di tahun lalu yang dapat beberapa feedback mengejutkan dari teman saya. Karena pergantian tahun artinya kita (saya dan kamu yang baca) semakin tua, saya rasa tulisan yang tadinya saya post di akun medium saya ini pas pas aja saya posting lagi disini.

On the side note, di akhir tahun kemarin saya banyak diajarkan untuk lebih sabar karena ada beberapa hal yang hanya bisa diselesaikan sama waktu. Begitu juga dalam mengambil keputusan dan bagaimana saya harus punya prinsip walaupun cuma untuk hal-hal remeh, seperti urusan perasaan misalnya, hehe. Pilihan-pilihan yang kita ambil artinya buat kita satu langkah lebih dewasa, sesimpel apapun kelihatannya.

Selamat membaca!

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Tahun Baru dan Tumbuh Dewasa