November Highlights

Hello, December.

I simply wanted to make this kind of post on my blog  because I also love and actually rely on people’s review. So here’s my pick

on movies and series

Before The Flood.


This documentary about climate change wasn’t as “scientific” as Gore’s 2008 Inconvenient Truth. As much as I remember, the movie sends a message from “climate change is really happening and we bring you the evidence” until “here’s the simplest thing you could do to turn back the table; as simple as voting the right leader”. However, if you’re not that familiar with climate sciences, here’s a piece of an easy-to-digest form.

on music


Warm on a Cold Night. Honne.

I have been liking Honne for a while. They’re a perfect background music while I’m doing tasks and I think the sounds matches November very well, too soon to end something but to early to have a new beginning.

and here, is the part where I put it just because I want to archive some highlighted events happened in November.

on life

On November, my campus always holds November Festivals for 4 days which means no classes at all. I never really excited because I am more excited to hunt autumn’s Momiji and ginkgo photos. But the thing was,

I lost my phone. It was quite a rage. Seriously, I have been dealing with weirdest and silliest things that could happen to a 20 yo girl in Japan; broke her toilet seat, meet a wild boar once she came home alone at dusk. This one is, I could say, the scariest. I actually once lost my wallet at Osaka, which is 45 km far from my home, but I eventually found where was it in less than 5 hours so I didn’t have time to be panic at the first place. Standing ovation for Japanese safety service.

As for my phone, this time, the problem was my phone was totally off so I couldn’t find it with the find-my-iPhone thing. Since I lost it in Gion, busiest tourist district in the city, on Sunday night right when I and some friends grabbed dinner in the area, My friends and I suspected that it was stolen since nobody from bus company said anybody found it after we reported to police, or even after we visited the last bus station of the bus which we rode that day.

Before we finally found it at the lost and found center of a different bus station, I went sort of crazy. I actually cried and laughed and cried again while chewing my Mie Ayam that night. I barely slept that I woke every two hours on the night I lose it. It’s funny that I felt lost when I lose one single device, but it explains how I was (or am) too attached to my phone. I didn’t know where to go since I didn’t have my google maps with me, I left lots of lecture notes photos on my phone (and it was just right in time of midterm exam starts), I can’t even tell what time it was since I never think I need a watch.

That was all! See you in Dec.

November Highlights

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