December Highlights

Because it’s January and I promised myself to write this every single month so here it is my December’s highlights

on music

Starboy – The Weeknd

I surprised myself for liking the whole album cause I’m not The Weeknd’s fan, which means I didn’t listen to his songs. I didn’t even like the hit single Starboy at first but I kept humming his “I said look what you’ve done.. and imma imma starboy” which is totally addicting. After I watched the promo video of Starboy album titled M A N I A, I love Sidewalks (which !!!fyi featured Kendrick Lamar!!!) at the very first try. I started listen to this album and couldn’t stop that it’s so hard to choose my favorite track. Like it fits to my different moods and I could just play any song without skipping. If i really need to choose then I’ll pick True Colors, Sidewalks, and Die For You.

On the other note, I also listened to 24K Magic a lot during December (especially “That’s What I Like”, I guess).

on series



On describing what Skam is about : Many people says Skam is a Norwegian version of Skins, with less drama. SKAM hits Norwegian teenagers by storm since most Norwegian teenagers thought SKAM portrays the real situation on what happened at their schools (maybe it’s because the creator did the research across the country for two years, to find out real issues among Norwegian teenagers). SKAM dealt with relevant issues for adolescent these days; feminism, homophobia, islamophobia, but most of all we see how the characters dealt with their own ups-and-downs while growing up.

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Tahun Baru dan Tumbuh Dewasa

Halo Januari!

Saya awalnya mau coba meluangkan waktu sedikit untuk nulis sesuatu di awal 2017 ini, hal-hal yang (mungkin) basi untuk beberapa orang; kilas balik 2016 dan yang mau dicapai di 2017. Anyway, alhasil tulisannya lagi-lagi nongkrong aja di draft saya. Akihrnya saya justru kembali baca salah satu tulisan saya di tahun lalu yang dapat beberapa feedback mengejutkan dari teman saya. Karena pergantian tahun artinya kita (saya dan kamu yang baca) semakin tua, saya rasa tulisan yang tadinya saya post di akun medium saya ini pas pas aja saya posting lagi disini.

On the side note, di akhir tahun kemarin saya banyak diajarkan untuk lebih sabar karena ada beberapa hal yang hanya bisa diselesaikan sama waktu. Begitu juga dalam mengambil keputusan dan bagaimana saya harus punya prinsip walaupun cuma untuk hal-hal remeh, seperti urusan perasaan misalnya, hehe. Pilihan-pilihan yang kita ambil artinya buat kita satu langkah lebih dewasa, sesimpel apapun kelihatannya.

Selamat membaca!

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Tahun Baru dan Tumbuh Dewasa

“The Physics of Love”
by Kim In-yook

The size of a mass is not proportional to its volume
That little girl as small as a violet
That little girl that flutters like a flower petal
Pulls me with a mass greater than the Earth
In a moment, I
Like Newton’s apple
Mercilessly rolled and fell on her
With a thud, with a thud thud
My heart
From the sky to the ground
Continued to swing dizzyingly like a pendulum
It was first love