January Highlights

Since I was actually had no big holiday plan for February, I first thought my days will be spent by watching movies, napping, reviewing cafes, and blogging. Turned out this is the month in which I spent most energy at, so that I am in a rush for making my promised post; The Monthly Highlights. So here it is, my January Highlights

on movies

La La Land

“This is movie for dreamers,” was what Emma said at her winning speech on Golden Globe. Despite labeled by many as overhyped movie, I really think you should go watch them. Fr me, this movie made it into list of my favorite movies of all time. Maybe it was overhype because Damien Chazelle successfully brought back musicals into movies or maybe because City of Stars, its soundtrack, will stuck into your head for a while.

on music

How Do You Think – CHEEZE

Another song that is analogous with an old jeans, you can never go wrong with them. This piece from CHEEZE is perfect for your lazy weekends, commuting time, or even at times you want to hear sad song. For me, this song depicts what relationship is; you’re wondering what your partner up to, or questioning how will this end. Lastly, I think it’s quite odd or funny or I am not sure what is this really about, but as far as I know 어떻게 생각해 is used when you want to ask “What do you think” instead of How do you think.

on life

A lot happened at January, I surely said this every month. On new year’s eve, I spent it with my Indonesian friends (and at this rate I count as family, I guess) and the day after I went to Tanya’s house to celebrate new year in Chinese way; we made dumplings and I watched Chinese New Year Show that is aired every year in China and we watched movies and drama until late night. In January I actually spent most of the time studying for finals and actually went through my finals, thankfully, successfully. By now I received all the score results, I am not sure whether I really did good or it was just most of my professors finally realized the level of difficulties they gave at exams, or in short it was just them being kind. Because I seriously think I didn’t do my best at this exam period. This time was the System Analysis exam where I went to toilet in the middle of exam for maybe 15 minutes? because I had an extreme stomachache and therefore couldn’t finish my Knapsack programming problem. Another time is when I forgot to bring calculator minutes before Advanced Calculus exam.

This semester is very important as we started seriously learning each specialized subjects in civil engineering; Soil, Structure, Hydraulics, and Planning. Lacking in mathematics knowledge will surely be a problem, but passing each subjects required more than basic mathematical or physics knowledge. The fun and challenging part began when we connect our simplified model with real world problem, and of course the amount of content covered on each lecture require us to read and search for other materials outside the class. At the beginning of the semester I thought I will find one subject that I am interested in or subject that I can handle passionately for my future laboratory options. Turned out it didn’t get any easier to choose. Sometimes it hurt my pride when some doesn’t believe I’m studying engineering but at some other time I also think maybe they’re quite right I didn’t meant for this, hahaha. I start to question myself “will I enjoy research-life?” or “am I able to really work as engineer at this rate”. Some people recommend me to change my major into media stuffs but I also didn’t think I’m really capable of these media things as my future work, seriously.

Well, I never thought that growing up is going to be this hard.

I mean, you can’t stop but to think about the future; does everything will go as planned, what will I do for a living, am I enjoying life in the next 10 years. Making the best out of today is important but planning the future is also pivotal.


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New Year’s Eve Nabe Party
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Chinese dumplings before we boil it


Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

January Highlights

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