March (&February) Highlights

I finally cheated! It has been a very busy vacation. I got to do a lot of work on holidays so let’s get into it.

on music

Rather than just the top 50 playlist I had on spotify that I currently listen to, I would like to share some gems I found on the internet.

021 – Emir Hermono ft A. Nayaka & Rayi Putra

Skyline – FKJ (!!!stranger things inspired mv!!!)

예뻤어 – DAY6

on movies



on life

At the beginning of February I had been working for the first edition of Interaksi, Magazine from Indonesian Students Association in Japan (PPI). I shouldnt brag about this because I personally think many things are lacking, hehe. However I still feel delightful to finally work on something (I can say) I am quite passionate about, creating a zine. If you know me for some time, you might know I have been always doing things related to media and stuffs but never really work on magazine after I graduated high school. It used to be fun in high school. One of the things I remembered the most.

I also went here and there. Few times to Tokyo, and a ski trip to nagano. However the highlight must be my second visit to Seoul. I just got back from Seoul two days ago.

There’s always something about this city that makes me excited.

It’s fascinating to finally test how far my Korean ability goes, and I’m surprised. I actually can have a conversation with the taxi driver or a shopkeeper. I mean the long ones, hehe. It’s fascinating for me because I can’t even do it in Japanase. They kept asking me where and how did I learn korean and I can only answer “I watched drama a lot, sometimes without subtitles”. So, moral of the story: you have to be interested enough to its culture in order to learn the language.

March (&February) Highlights

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