Hello, it’s been a year!

I’m finally at the last year of my undergrad study. Sooo it is finally the time for me to do my undergraduate research. Long story short, I entered Disaster Risk Management Lab that I have been wanting to enter since last semester’s lab visit. I have been here for four months already and i quite like it except the fact that it took around an hour and half to go to my lab from my house, since most of engineering labs in Kyoto University located at either Katsura or Uji (which are way too far from the main campus).


Anyway, on the past four months I– well basically my supervisor has decided the research theme that I will do for the second half of this year and I also help my supervisor project at Indonesia with asean which requires some translations and writings. Basically, I did not have much trouble with the first one (sometimes use google translate though, lol) but I really am having trouble with the second one which is none other than… writing. I actually should highlight that it means a scientific writing but, honestly, i know im just sucks at writing, as I mentioned the reason why I wanted to kickstart this blog for the first time.


I just realized that it has been more than a year I write to either myself or to people who actually read my blog, except I also write instagram captions, hehe. Being in engineering school with those calculations and formula is not an excuse not to write, i guess? I also feel quite “empty” since I consume (internet) content too much on daily basis without being able to express one.


It seems harder to express my ideas into coherent writings more than, for example, presentations or general discussion since presentation or discussion is done by directly interacting. In case of presentation on lab seminars, my professors and lab members could give me direct feedback, I can explain directly parts that they don’t understand from my idea. The difficulties I found during the research project that I’m doing with my professor (the project with asean one) makes me quite afraid to imagine what it is like in the autumn semester to finish my own thesis. So I guess, it is just right to practice writing again in this blog.

so.. yeah… Hello (again)!