Cafe Hopping Around Omotesando and Minami Aoyama, Tokyo

Hello there.

So this is going to be my very first post and I think it will be good if I reviewed my cafe hopping result in Tokyo last week.

I really like having “some time alone” for myself which differs from a me-time. It’s hard for me to focus doing particular task like studying or doing homework when I have friends around. Not that I don’t like it, it’s just hard concentrating and I will prefer having conversation with them. So time to time, I really like to alienate myself by going to near cafes alone (plus I’m a good eater). I really like doing this thing alone, taking photos, enjoying the solitude, all by myself. Hence it became sort of habit to try new cafes or coffee shops or restaurants (well you name it) and I kind of rely on internet reviews to decide where to go. So here I am, trying to make one.

Luckily, I got called for an interview in Tokyo last Sunday. This wasn’t my first time going to Tokyo, but this was my first time going there alone. Since this interview call was a sudden for me, all of my friends and acquaintances in Tokyo had already planned something for the weekend. I had no idea where to go after the interview ended which was around 11 am and planned to just go straight home. However, I changed my direction since it’s a waste for my free Shinkansen ticket to Tokyo. Instead, I walked around Omotesando area to try yummy famous desserts in the area.

My final plan was to go to Sunny Hills, a pineapple cake and juice shop with unique architecture designed by Kengo Kuma. However, I got off the JR Train near Takeshita-dori (Harajuku) to grab CroquantChou Zaku Zaku that I craved and then walked straight to Omotesando Hills area.

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I walked from the left top until the middle right on the map.


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Cafe Hopping Around Omotesando and Minami Aoyama, Tokyo